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Fall Foliage Discussion / Is missing Route 100 a big deal???
« on: September 27, 2017, 11:12:04 AM »
Vermont fall colors question for Jeff or others.....

We have essentially 1.5 days in VT/NH on Oct 11-12 "on the way" to Acadia from Boston and would like opinion on best way to soak in as much VT as possible. Let's assume for fun that all of VT/NH is in perfect peak.

Oct 11: leave Boston at noon......(FILL IN THE BLANK).....arrive Lincoln, NH some time in the evening after dark.

Oct 12: Depart Lincoln, NH and head east to enjoy Kancamagus highway/covered bridges, etc...arrive Acadia some time in the evening.

How would you fill in the blank?

Here's the two options I'm thinking...

1) Go to Woodstock, Jenne Farm area, Quechee, Sharon area and then head up to Lincoln, NH when we run out of daylight.

2) GO to Woodstock/Jenne Farm area and then head West to meet up with Route 100 and follow that up to Montpelier area and then over to Lincoln, NH after dark?

Is option 2 trying to squeeze too much in an afternoon?
Since we are doing Kancamagus highway, is missing the famed Route 100 not that big of a deal?

Thanks in advance!!!

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